Uk investments in renewable energy in sharp decline

According to George Monbiot in The Guardian today, Uk investment in wind power ‘is melting away faster than an Andean glacier’- a combined effect of the financial crisis and cheap fossil fuels.

Shell has pulled out completely. Centrica, E.ON and BT are reviewing their plans. Sun Microsystems has suspended its projects. The Spanish company Iberdrola is cutting its investment in the UK by 40%. Scores of smaller firms are going bust.

1 Comment Uk investments in renewable energy in sharp decline

  1. AvatarMichel Bauwens

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry that I have no reference, but when I was in the UK last week, the Guardian carried an extraordinary statement by Lord Bron, former head of BP, who stated without any doubt: the market cannot solve the climate issue and renewable energy. This is quite an admisssion,


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