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Daniel Wahl on Designing Regenerative Cultures for Resilience and Sustainability

http://empowerradio.net/podcasts/allthingsconnected_041217_danielwahl.mp3 This podcast conversation with our frequent contributor Daniel Wahl was originally posted in Empower Radio. From the notes to the podcast “Things have got to change!” How many times have you heard that phrase?  Well, the world and humanity are changing. As we awaken and become conscious citizens, how can we co-create innovative change,… Continue reading

MiData: Toward cooperative data ownership

Text cross-posted from Platform.coop We recently had the chance to speak with Ernst Hafen and Ulrich Genick of MiData (pronounced my-data), a Swiss cooperative that aims to restore users’ data privacy through an innovative market solution. Presently, the use of user data is mostly unregulated in the EU, with varying rights and privacy protections across… Continue reading

Kevin Carson on free market anticapitalism

PRIMO NUTGMEG interviews Center for a Stateless Society senior fellow and P2P Foundation regular contributor Kevin Carson. From the shownotes to the podcast Kevin Carson is a left-wing libertarian who supports a free market but opposes “capitalism.” We discuss the differences between various schools of libertarianism and the possibility for collaboration. We also discuss the… Continue reading

Michel Bauwens On Value Regimes And Where Your Job Might Be Going In The Future

Society is shifting from a production modus based on value created in a market system (through labor and capital) to one which recognizes broader value streams. These streams are experienced as ‘contributions’ to structures based on the co-construction of shared resources, also known as ‘commons’. Show Notes: Michel Bauwens: Four Scenarios for the Collaborative Economy… Continue reading

Economy of Things

Though we often think the modern culture of consumerism is an export from United States and a product of capitalism, people long before today’s era were enjoying the benefit of soft shoes, beautiful cloth and exceptional goods. Acquisition has been an important part of community and identity, essential to societies even though only recently so… Continue reading

(Re)Inventing The Future with Nick Srnicek

We continue the conversation on Universal Basic Income, this time with Demand the Future co-author Nick Srnicek. For more P2P-perspectives on Srnicek’s work, accelerationism and Demand the Future, please follow this link. Originally published in the From Alpha to Omega podcast. Episode Description After an unplanned hiatus, the show is back with a bang. This week I… Continue reading

The P2P Foundation’s work in a nutshell

Enjoy this very concise three-minute audio description of the P2P Foundation’s work and ideals by our founder, Michel Bauwens. It was originally recorded for the Innovation and Creative Intelligence unit at the University of Technology Sydney. Beautiful Minds with Michel Bauwens Clip description Morsels are small bites gleaned from talks, events and conversations hosted by… Continue reading

Rocking the Google Bus

Companies like Twitter can make billions of dollars in revenue while providing a widely used service and still be considered a financial failure. Though today’s digital technologies provide new innovations that reorganize daily life, can the digital economy expand forever? Will our most promising tech ever reach its potential in an economy pushing for growth… Continue reading