Trusted search trumps untrusted search

What is my most valuable source of information?

Without any doubt, it is the delicious network feature, which lets me directly peep into the minds and discoveries of people I respect most, such as Howard Rheingold, Clay Shirky, McKenzie Wark and four dozen other people.

I’ve always wished that when I search, I could use some feature that would prioritize the items that those trusted people have already chosen.

So I totally symphatize with the feelings of Steve Rubel at MicroPersuasion, in his analysis of the link between search and social networks:

TRUSTED SEARCH TRUMPS UNTRUSTED SEARCH – Do you trust Google? I do as does most everyone. Do you trust what’s in Google? For me, that depends on what I am searching for and where it comes from. However, I do trust the 1,000 people I have added to my social network on Facebook. In fact, it’s why I limit my connections there to people I have either met or corresponded with. I value what they talk about and share there.

However, there’s a gaping hole in the Facebook experience. While I can search through my friends, find new friends and also groups, I can’t search the content my network creates. In addition, I can’t go a layer deeper to see what my friends’ friends are sharing (as I can on Friendfeed). Look for search to get embedded deeper into the social networking experience and create a split between trusted and untrusted search. “

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  1. AvatarZbigniew Lukasiak

    I’ve recently done some experiments with relevance measures on the links. In general I found that the most interesting links I was getting for a measure that was strongly ‘elitarian’ – that one that was aimed at finding links that were posted uniquely by the people who are ‘near’ me. The links that were just the most popular I had already seen before.

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