Trend of the Day: Baugruppen Housing Model

= “basically collectives formed with the intent of building housing — but eliminating the developer in order to keep costs down significantly”.


The community garden/courtyard at Module Project Zelter. Photo credit: Wettbewerbe Architexture


“Baugruppen fall somewhere between a communal home and a condo association. As Eliason noted, an intentional community drives the model and is the common denominator. Beyond that, though, baugruppen become whatever each group needs and wants from their housing project. One group may develop stand-alone units situated around a common space; another group might prefer a single building divvied up to fit their needs. Baugruppen are scaleable and malleable — two qualities key to the model’s appeal.

Apparently, Germany is all over the baugruppen idea, even going so far in some districts as to ensure that public policy is not a hindrance. ” (

2 Comments Trend of the Day: Baugruppen Housing Model

  1. AvatarMike Riddell

    Who shoulders the abortive costs when projects go off, and who carries the overrun costs on construction or finance? (NOt that i’m advocating for developers, just pointing out that there are risks that need factoring in).

  2. AvatarDave Radcliffe

    @Mike Of course there is a higher risk associated with Baugruppen. Of course there are issues if costs run higher than planned. But so far Baugruppen have worked out great from what I have heard.

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