Travel Exchanges and the p2p lifestyle

Is there something like a P2P-lifestyle?

If there is, it would be to trend to replace a reliance on pure commercial exchange and the commodification and financialization of daily life, to a reliance on other forms of exchange, amongst peers.

We have started monitoring this trend through our wiki entry on Peer to Peer Exchanges, and through 2 Delicious tags, one on P2P Exchanges, and one specifically on P2P-Travel.

The latter covers sites like,, and, which are often free, serving only as middlemen and offering tips on how to find successful matches.

One of such intrepid travellers using such services is Clare Mulvany, who is writing a book on Exceptional Lives, showing young people that there are alternatives from the corporate life. She met many interesting people on the way, has a lively blog with fascinating stories, and visited us as well.

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