Transition to a Political Economy for People and Planet

In the summer of 2017, Synergia launched its first Summer Institute, an intensive two week program at Monte Ginezzo in Tuscany. Entitled Transition to Political Economy for People & Planet, the program involved twenty seven people – activists, scholars, policy makers, and practitioners from around the world. This video documents their experience and insights.

Synergia is beginning to outreach for the commencement of a newly revised MOOC, Towards Co-operative Commonwealth – Transition in Our Perilous Century, which will be offered free online beginning in March. We hope you will join us for the MOOC, and also help us spread the word to your own contacts and networks

2 Comments Transition to a Political Economy for People and Planet

  1. AvatarMarco

    in the post there is no video, or link to it. If one searches for it, the result is a Vimeo url that today yelds “Sorry, we couldn’t find that page”. The Synergia website is practically empty. In other words, they have done this summer school and the topic is really interesting but… some 15 months later, there seems to be nothing at all online about who they are, what they do etc. Is this Synergia Institute still alive? If not, why this post today?

  2. Ann Marie UtratelAnn Marie Utratel

    Marco, thanks for writing, the post has been updated correcting the video player, there was an error and now you can see the video. In addition, we have heard from Synergia that a new initiative is going to be announced this week, which will appear here in the coming days. Thanks again.

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