Transition from Crisis 1: The Digitized Civil Society as a Force

Excerpted from Jaap van Til:

““Quo Vadis?”. That is what most recently appointed Cabinet ministers in Europe, China, and the USA will ask themselves during the endless quarrels over money and budgets they have to attend. Where do we go from here?

Centuries of violent clashes between empires have passed, each trying to impose dominance of their own central rules, prejudices and belief systems at the expense of those of other nation states. In more recent decades we see a zig-zag movement of rulers and elites that expect ALL solutions, blessings and virtues from either “the State” (socialism) or “the Market” (capitalism). By zig-zagging I mean that successive governments have either a Leftwing or Rightwing mindset. And when that does not work they change direction towards the other extreme. In two-party countries like UK and the USA these are Labour / Democrats and Tories / Republican Party, respectively. In general “society” expects that ‘the State should do this or that’ (even young people in France say that) or the other extreme: that everything, even Health Care and the legal system “should work more efficiently in a competitive market situation”. And when the policy doesn’t turn out to WORK as expected (state ineffectiveness, market failures respectively) the tide turns and the the solution is sought by the opposite extreme: the government is changed and another mentally uniform political party is promising to solve everything. Unfortunately it turns out that neither one idealistic ruling doctrine can do everything best on behalf of its citizens. No more “isms” please!”

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