The Synergia Institute is excited to be launching its first face-to-face training program this September in Tuscany. For change makers everywhere this program offers an opportunity to explore real pathways to system change with leading experts in their fields.

When and Where

Full title: Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth: Pathways to a new political economy

When: September 4-23, 2016

Place: Monte Ginezzo, Tuscany, Italy

Invitation (by John Restakis):

“Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth – Pathways to a New Political Economy, is an intensive 3-week program that links the global with the local through the diffusion of transformative ideas, models, and practices that advance game-changing solutions for progressive change in the following key areas:

  • Co-operative Capital & Social Finance; Alternative Currencies
  • Co-op & Commons-Based housing & Land Tenure; Community Land Trusts
  • Renewable Energy; Community-owned energy systems
  • Local & Sustainable food systems; Community Supported Agriculture
  • User-controlled health & social care; Social & Community Service Co-ops
  • Co-operative and Commons Governance
  • Platform Co-operatives, Digital Commons & Peer-to-Peer productions systems
  • Convergence and the New Political Economy; Principles, Propositions, and Practices

Download the Synergia program (available here) for complete details. If you like what you see, we hope that you and others in your organization or network will find an opportunity to take part.

We are now in the process of constructing the Synergia website, but information on Synergia and the Summer Institute may also be found on our Facebook page you can also follow us on Twitter. Those wishing information on registration for the course can send an email to: [email protected].

We hope this first Synergia Summer Institute inspires you and your colleagues to spread the word to others who are committed to building a new political economy for the world we want. The need for system change is clear and urgent and Synergia is promoting solutions that can make it happen.

We look forward to your joining us for this unique learning experience in Tuscany this September.”

Photo by blueskyfantasie

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