Transforming corporate forms through currencies

Excerpted from Arthur Brock:

“The failure of change agents to re-encode social systems (especially ones with as much influence on everything as money has), is what keeps us on this intolerable trajectory of destruction. So far, the biological equivalent to our most “successful” social organism pattern is cancer. Corporations are structured as a cancer. They use all their resources to grow their own resources even at the expense of their host community or ecosystem.

If we don’t want to be cancers on the face of the planet, we have to get much better at encoding social organisms. We need to spawn a huge diversity of new kinds of social organisms with new DNA and learn how to truly co-create collectively. In this domain, our own cells have proven to be much more intelligent than we are. They communicate, adapt to unforeseeable conditions, coordinate collective action, carry blueprints for the whole pattern, and share scarce resources so much better than we do that it frankly makes homo-sapiens look like brain-dead idiots.

However, this kind of intelligence isn’t a function of IQ, but rather of having or inventing an appropriate language / expressive capacity / channel for this kind of coordination to occur. Guess what I say that language is? What is the medium that we use for formalizing these very of collective capacities?

Currencies of course.”

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  1. Avatarhappyseaurchin

    i was with this post all the way
    accurate posing of the question

    my answer was different however
    it was XQ
    a different way of looking at mathematics

    mathematics is the undisputed universal language
    not economics
    economics is just a mathematical experiment
    and i mean that in the strict mathematical sense of what a mathematical experiment is
    the result of reconsideration of mathematics
    how we conduct the experiment of mathematics as economics
    will differ
    the misapplication of negative numbers to economics
    is part of the problem

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