Transformative Cities 2018 People’s Choice Award. Vote Now!

These 9 experiences have been selected after an evaluation process of all the initiatives that applied to our Open Call. 32 of them are portrayed in the Atlas of Utopias. The evaluation was carried out by a multidisciplinary and multinational team of evaluators.

The goal of the voting is not to put one experience above others; there is no prize for the one with more votes. This is an exercise of Coopetition, meaning that we seek cooperation but have introduce an element of competition to encourage public interaction and engagement that we hope will amplify transformative practices that we would like to see flourish worldwide.

Regardless of the vote results, we recognize the hard work, successes and victories of all 9 initiatives as well as the others portrayed in the Atlas of Utopias.

Transformative Cities aims to support these initiatives by giving them visibility in our website and allied organizations and partners, which includes:

  • A long piece written by commissioned journalists under a media partnership between Transformative Cities and Open Democracy,
  • the production of photos and graphics based on their initiative and,
  • the organization of collective learning spaces, either online via webinars or physically in events like the annual New Politics conference organized by TNI and its partners.

Last but not least, the transformative Cities process is open and we aim to improve it along the way, please do contact us if have any suggestions or comments so the next edition contains even more collective intelligence.

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  1. AvatarSol

    We hope that this initiative will start a collective learning process that brings visibility and strengthens the other world that not only is possible, it is already happening.
    You can contact us at

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