Tracking 2.0 and 3.0 concepts

I have created an overview page listing the entries on 2.0 and 3.0 concepts already curated in our wiki.

I think this is a pretty good way to track the thinking about the transformative effects of technology usage.

For example, here is a strong statement of Robert Cringely on how education is affected:

we’ve reached the point in our (disparate) cultural adaptation to computing and communication technology that the younger technical generations are so empowered they are impatient and ready to jettison institutions most of the rest of us tend to think of as essential, central, even immortal. They are ready to dump our schools.”

By tracking 2.0 and 3.0 concepts, we can find other observations and predictions in almost any domain of human endeavour!

The full list of the concepts so far, and we would particularly appreciate suggestions for other 2.0 patterns:

1. Elearning 2.0
2. Entreprise 2.0
3. Government 2.0
4. Identity 2.0
5. Internet 2.0
6. Mobile 2.0
7. Medecine 2.0
8. Media 2.0
9. Music 2.0
10. News 2.0
11. Parliament 2.0
12. Public Services 2.0
13. Sales 2.0
14. Science 2.0
15. War 2.0
16. Web 2.0

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