Towards a Coalition of Commons-Oriented Entrepreneurial Coalitions

Michel Bauwens:

This idea came up during a conversation with Alanna Krause of Enspiral, when she visited Chiang Mai in June 2015.
The basic idea is that peer production generally takes a triarchical form, i.e. open productive communities that co-contribute to a commons and common good; a ethical entrepreneurial coalition that creates livelihoods for the commoners and co-creates commons (related to our ideas about Open Cooperativism), and quite often, for-benefit associations such as the Floss Foundations, which manage and maintain the cooperative infrastructure.

This initiative aims at connecting the already existing enterpreneurial coalitions in this space, so that they can learn from each other, but also to develop a collective voice. It’s a global equivalent of our proposal for the Chamber of the Commons, which aims to give voice to local ethical entrepreneurs.

Status: for now, we’re just launching the idea

Here are potential candidates for such an initiative:

* Enspiral, mostly based in New Zealand

* Sensorica, which originated in Montreal, Canada

* Las Indias, based in various places in Spain and elsewhere (but definitely post-nationalistic)

The FairCoop inititiative of the Catalan Integral Cooperative probably belongs in the same category ?

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