Toward an Ecological Civilization

Very much worth watching and hearing: civilisational systems have their stories and narratives, and they matter as these patterns of meaning drive our reactive capacities to challenges. Which new one do we need now ?

Toward an Ecological Civilization: A talk given by Jeremy Lent at the Parliament of World Religions, Toronto, November 2018Part of a panel of talks organized by David Korten, in collaboration with Francis Korten, John Cobb, and Matthew Fox, on the topic: “Toward an Ecological Civilization: A Path to Justice, Peace, and Care for Earth”Jeremy Lent’s book The Patterning Instinct (2017) investigates how different cultures have made sense of the universe and how their underlying values have shaped history. 

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  1. AvatarMike Riddell

    Hard to take issue with any of this. My only criticism is that it ignores the part that business and trade has to play in the transition to an ecological civilisation.

    We can’t ignore the fact that we exist in a global market economy. So where does the global market economy fit into the transition? What part does it need to play to make the transition happen?

    We are a planet filled with consumers.

    We as consumers must change our behaviour.

    Behaviour change must be incentivised. Otherwise nothing will change.

    We need in other words a reward system that values contributions to the commons and is packaged up for the markets to invest in it.

    One single metric to replace GDP – that ordinary people can understand and produce for themselves – is the missing link.

    Establishing such a metric isn’t easy. But as the kilogram and kilometre have proved in days of old, it’s not impossible.

    It just needs agreement.

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