Top 50 P2P Podcasts by Topic

We compiled a list of key podcasts amongst the hundreds we’ve been indexing in our wiki.

The complete list is at our directory here.

Open Source/Free Software

Benjamin Mako Hill on Defining Freedom

P2P Business

Chris Anderson on the Long Tail; Clayton Christensen on Open Source and Innovation in Business; Doc Searls on Self-Forming Markets; Doc Searls on the Intention Economy; Geoffrey Moore on Open Source and Capitalism; Jonathan Schwartz on the Age of Participation; Michael Goldhaber on the Attention Economy; Yochai Benkler on the Wealth of Networks

P2P Cooperation

Clay Shirky on Moderation Patterns; Hazel Henderson on the coming age of worldwide cooperation; Howard Rheingold on Cooperation Theory; James Surowieki on the pitfalls of the Wisdom of Crowds

P2P Culture and Sociology

Danah Boyd and Douglas Rushkoff on MySpace; David Sifry on Technorati; Douglas Rushkoff on the New Digital Rennaissance; Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia; Lawrence Lessig Podcasts on Free Culture; Pat Kane on the Play Ethic

P2P Cyber-Rights

Contrarians on Eternal Copyright; Cory Doctorow on Digital Rights and DRM

P2P Education & Learning

David Wiley on the Open Education Movement; Doc Searls on Free and Open Source in Education; Exploring Wikis in Education; Stephen Downes on Connective Knowledge

P2P Epistemology

David Swedlow on Beyond Folksonomies; David Weinberger on Tagging and Folksonomies

P2P Media

Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism; Interview with Jeff Jarvis on the Loss of Control by the Media; James Boyle on Re-Inventing the Gatekeeper

P2P Politics

MacKenzie Wark on the Hacker Manifesto and Class

P2P Technology

Adam Greenfield on Ubiquitous Computing; Bruce Sterling on the Internet of Things; Conversation with Ward Cunningham

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