Together Against Fear (Norway Muslims Make “Peace Ring” For Synagogue)

The event, that made headlines many places in the world, gathered between 1200 – 1400 people Saturday evening in the street outside the Oslo synagogue.


Young Muslims and other participants, holding hands, filled the street. They formed what they called a «Ring of Peace».


Rabbi Michael Melchior told the masses outside his synagogue about his trip to the funeral of the man killed outside the synagogue in Copenhagen last weekend.


– Afterwards, I sat with the grieving parents. I told them about the initiative of young Muslims here in Oslo, and the father of Dan Uzan embraced me and began to cry.


– He said to me «You must say to the young Muslims in Norway that they have given me hope. They have given me a reason to continue living. Maybe it was a meaning to my son’s death. Maybe it gives reason to life for the future».

Read the whole article at NRK here.

A child’s drawing from the Terezin concentration camp, located at Prague’s outskirts. The dark angel of fear and death is again about to fasten its grip on European Jews.

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