Today We Fight Back

The P2P Foundation fully supports this campaign. Thanks to Kevin Flanagan for coordinating this for us!

– Michel Bauwens

The Day We Fight Back

In the last year, the world has learned that mass surveillance by governments knows no bounds.

Today, February 11th, internet users around the world are standing together. Today we are joining, individuals, civil society organizations, and thousands of websites to let the world’s governments know that we reject global mass surveillance at home and overseas. Today, we fight back.

People like you will take the streets in protest in the Philippines, Copenhagen, Stockholm and San Francisco. They will call or write their elected representatives in United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Colombia and Poland. They will hold news conferences or join the online protest in Uganda, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. And they will endorse the Necessary and Proportionate Principles demanding the protection of human rights and an end to mass surveillance.

Mass surveillance violates our fundamental rights.

In 2013, documents released by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden exposed dozens of wide-ranging intelligence collection programs underway in countries around the globe. His documents showed that intelligence bodies capture personal information about nearly everyone on the planet.

These mass surveillance programs are in violation of our fundamental human rights. They violate our right to privacy and infringe on our rights to freedom of expression and association. They harm the freedom and openness of the global internet, and erode our democratic values.

Today, we ask you to join us: Go to TheDayWeFightBack and sign the Principles. Tell your friends. Share your action on social media. Call your MP or Congressperson. Go to a protest. Start a movement.

What can you do right now?

There are events and actions happening all over the world today, and we need you to help us stand up and fight back. Every voice counts in letting governments know: we won’t stand for mass surveillance.

  1. Take action: Go to Find out what is happening in your country, and sign the Necessary and Proportionate Principles at

  2. Host TheDayWeFightBack widget: Add the code to your website, so that everyone who visits your site is encouraged to fight back by taking action. Go to website to learn more.

  3. Spread the word: Use social media to let your friends and family know they should take action. Share the link to TheDayWeFightBack website, and change your avatar, make some noise.


1 Comment Today We Fight Back

  1. Tom Crowl

    Well I did my duty and joined the EFF petition.

    Just as I’ve joined in on many other online petitions and voted in every election.

    But I’ve become cynical about their potential.

    As has the world…

    “A cynic is a romantic who’s heart has been broken.”

    Not sure where I heard that… but that’s the state of things.

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