To Catch the Rain

To Catch the Rain is a book of inspiring stories of communities coming together to harvest the rain, and how you can do it too. Go to the project’s Kickstarter page to support the publication of this exciting book.

What’s To Catch the Rain all about?

To Catch the Rain is a book of inspiring stories of communities coming together to catch their own rain, with the nitty-gritty details so you can do it as well.

Community created rainwater projects from the US, Mexico, and Dominican Republic.

It is a book for people looking to build a better future together.

  • Inspiring stories: Real life accounts of catching rain in communities.
  • Technical details: Straightforward descriptions of rainwater system parts, replete with examples from existing systems (many from the systems described in the stories).
  • Math and science: Easy-to-follow math that allows readers to simply size rainwater systems, including completed examples.

Example of the math showing how the average US home has over 33,000 gallons per year land on its roof.


This book is for everyone, and is especially written for:

  • Community members: Get inspired and take action. Learn from others building their own systems around the world. We have already received requests and sent pre-releases to Kenya, Tanzania, India, Mexico, Nepal, Dominican Republic, and the US.
  • Makers: Find the DIY details ready to be adapted to your local and global projects. See how other makers solved their problems.
  • Teachers: Use this in your Middle School, High School, and University courses. Provides context for education and practical experience to back up math, science, and social curriculum. Includes problem-sets to reinforce the knowledge in the book.
  • Students: Rejoice in strong practical reasons to be learning. The real stories bring the math and technical details to life. The custom diagrams and pictures deepen the learning.
  • Practivistas: Expand the resilience and impact of the idea that, instead of telling people what not to do, we can build better systems that people want to do.
  • People looking for inspiration and follow-through.

Rainwater catchment for gardens, edible landscaping, and emergency relief in California.

Where you come in

We need your help to bring this book to a reality. The writing of the book is done. Now we need money for design, layout, printing, distributing, and translating.  Which is why we are asking for your financial support to make it beautiful, more accessible, and less expensive!

The content has gone through multiple reviews, including academic peer reviews and by edits by friends, students, colleagues, and kind professionals. It is ready for the world!… once we raise the money and finish these last important components.

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2 Comments To Catch the Rain

  1. AvatarÇîya

    Please, use S.I. units, liter, meter, kg, etc… not gallon or feet or whatever US centered point of view.

  2. AvatarLonny Grafman

    Hi ÇÎYA,

    Thank you for your comment. The book does spend a lot of time in SI units, and gives proper accolades to those units. In fact, there is one small section of the book dedicated to showing off the advantages of SI units.

    That said, please notice that the image in questions is asking the question of how much water could be caught in the US… therefore I think the US point of view makes sense.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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