Timothy Wilken’s recipe for change: Giftegrity, Ortegrity, Synocracy

I asked Timothy Wilken for an update on his activities:

“Market is unsustainable, inefficient, and enormously destructive to the biosphere. And, it is failing. There will be no solutions from Big government or from Big business. All attempts to work within or through these failing systems will be wasted effort.

There is no need to fight against these obsolete systems. They are failing on their own. Instead, we need to focus all our energy and efforts on creating synergic co-Operative alternatives. Giftegrity replaces market. Ortegrity replaces business. Synocracy replaces adversary-neutral government. My description of a such an alternative future is described here: Synergic Future and Synergic Future II.

Enlightenment, Genius, and Wisdom are possibilities build into the structure of the human brain. Any human can become enlightened. Any human can learn to think like a genius. Any human can learn to be wise. We humans CAN solve our problems, if we simply change our minds and work together. And, the time to do so is NOW!

Those humans that choose to become enlightened, genius and wise, have no problem converting to synergic co-Operative alternatives. Once they know these alternatives are available, they will choose and support them whole-heartedly, thus the need for Project Enlightenment. I know of no faster way to convert adversaries and neutralists to synergists.

I think it is also time to create a Synergic Co-Operative Wikipedia of Best Practices.

Success in the Adversary world requires coercive force. You make others help you by hurting them. Success in the Neutral world requires money, you pay others to help you. Success in the Synergic world requires love, you help others and trust that they will help you.”

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