Thomas Greco reviews Zeitgeist Addendum

A review by Thomas Greco:, of a movie which “focuses more attention on the “money problem,” economic imperialism, and emerging sustainable technologies.”

Thomas Greco:

Back in June of this year I viewed an amazingly good documentary film titled, Zeitgeist. I recommend it highly. Get it at

Most of the information in it was already known to me, and includes much of what I’ve been trying for years to tell people in my own humble way. This film is well put together and pretty accurate as far as I can tell. One aspect that was somewhat new to me was the material that shows the congruence among the various “redeemer” myths going way back B.C. That part, and some of the political material, won’t go down easily with true believers of any stripe — the devout and patriotic, but if one can keep an open mind, there is much to be learned – much that could save our lives.

Now there is an addendum to the Zeitgeist movie that focuses more attention on the “money problem,” economic imperialism, and emerging sustainable technologies. The Zeitgeist: Addendum can be downloaded from:; also at,

The first twenty minutes do a creditable job of describing how our conventional political money is created. It’s a good supplement to the films Money as Debt and The Money Masters that I previously recommended.

The next part of the film features John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. He does a superb job of clearly explaining how the empire achieves dominance over other countries, giving examples from his own experience. As he describes in his book, there are three levels of action. The imperial forces first try to corrupt the country’s leaders and get them to play along, saddling their people with huge debt loads and selling off government owned assets. If that fails, they will stir up internal opposition and either overthrow or assassinate a recalcitrant leader. If that fails, the military will be sent in as a last resort.

In recent years, the reluctance to use the last option seems to have diminished, as war affords opportunities for great profits to be amassed by political cronies and well-connected companies, and the power of Congress to mount opposition to military adventures has all but evaporated.

The original Zeitgeist movie contains important information about the central banking system and the Federal Reserve. If you don’t have time to watch the entire film, a relevant seven minute excerpt can be seen here:”

An extra review by Leigh Blackall:

In the first 25 minutes Peter Joseph takes another punt at explaining the money system as it works in the USA and more or less the same in many parts of the world. He does better this time around than in the original Zeitgeist movie, revisiting ideas that money is debt and debt is slavery, and relating it to todays concerns around interest and inflation. The next 30 or so minutes focus on John Perkins and his terrible testimony as an economic hitman helping to assert US control around the world through the creation of debt and corruption. Then it goes utopia (nothing wrong with hope for the future is there?) with Jacque Fresco with Roxanne Meadows talking about the Venus Project. And finally Peter proposes what we must do to free ourselves from this very ordinary existence, starting with careful self observation.”

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    I agree on everything reported in this movie. However, i don’t agree with the statements about Horus to Mithra. They took myth and tried to provide it as fact. I am a Christian who knows the truth about the bible and what is reported in that bible. I think this movie would have been better if they left the Christianity out of it. We are all blessed with the right to believe what we want. Please, don’t tread on my beliefs.

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