Onwards to the billion people march ?


Reposted from Adbusters, here’s a beautifully written lead-in to the #BillionPeopleMarch


This human experiment of ours is plummeting toward a thousand-year dark age and we don’t have a plan to pull it back from the brink. But there is one beautiful strategy that could save us, a big-bang moment. A day when the people of the world rise up, bring the global machine to a grinding halt and demand an end to business as usual.

Call it a global day of civil disobedience, a carnival-without-borders, a day of mayhem, a day when we obliterate banks with a torrent of Blackspots, drop surprises into corporate websites, bring traffic to a halt in every major city, fill the streets by the millions against the global power structure.

Do we know what we want? Sure we do. We could change the way money flows, markets work, world summits are organized. A climate action plan that takes climate change seriously. A Tobin Tax to slow down fast money in the global financial casino. A three-strikes-you’re-out rule to bring criminal corporations to heel. A true-cost global marketplace where the price of every product tells the ecological truth. A shift in the foundations of economics to change the way we measure growth and progress. Sunshine laws against secrecy to open up the political process. The keepers of the current status quo will fight us with bared teeth.

But if we, the people of the world, could muster the energy and fortitude to rise up in a globally coordinated way, then anything and everything becomes possible. After centuries of top-down rule by tyrants, kings, and corporations, we the people could finally start calling the shots from below.


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