There should only be one rule: there are no rules!

The title of this post probably reminds you of an American action film, maybe best-of-the-best. Rules can be good. Rules are there to make life easier. However, nowadays there are so many rules that they even bite each other.

Take for example the healthcare sector. People who work in this sector spend most of their valuable time fighting the rules, time that could have been spent better. Michel attended me of a newsletter from a Dutch foundation called ‘beroepseer’, which I try to translate as honouring of your profession. In other words, you should be doing what is best.

The problem that is articulated in this newsletter is that rules, protocols and other non-profession related activities take too much time in the healthcare sector. The foundation fights the way of how they must organizing things by presenting a manifest which says ‘enough is enough!’ and ‘Power against power’.

They try to organize something that fights the power of the rules they must follow from above. It should not be they case that the people working in the healthcare industry are wasting their time with activities like coding, registering, controlling and reporting. They should be able to help the people that need their help.

The link with peer organizing is obvious. People or peers are responsible for the quality of the social domain. Volunteers are standing up, and helping people that need their help. Too much control from the government is counter-productive, and results in too much pressure on the employees. Enthusiasm and involvedness are important drivers for people to organize things on their own.

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