There are Thousands of Alternatives

There are thousands of alternatives

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Launch of Transformap: There are Thousands of Alternatives. We will put them on a Single Map!
Transformap-Workshop 4th International Degrowth Conference 

September 3rd, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm, Leipzig University, S 328


A network of about 50 individuals and organizations – from civil society, science and social business in Germany and Austria – invites You to contribute to an exciting new interoperative system for mapping economic alternatives based on Open Street Map. This call marks the new phase for making alternatives more visibile and accessible.  In the beginning of March 2014, when this network first came together in Munich, it has been pooling participatory and process-oriented methods and tools and is now ready to go public and international.

Please help make it a standard online reference tool for anyone seeking practical alternatives to the present growth obsession!

Categories for a common taxonomy have been intensively discussed. The taxonomy is based on everybody’s needs, on alternative modes of organization and (re-)production and on the idea of free knowledge.  Our next step will be to test the results and to connect our solutions to related mapping projects.

In recent years, many initiatives all over the world have started mapping alternatives to the mainstream economic system, each using its own technical tools and tagging system. Imagine if we could make all our maps of socio-ecological innovation and economic alternatives compatible!  Imagine if we could have them all available on one map, with just a few clicks!  With Transformap we are developing a free map, that will be compatible with many different existing initiatives while building out a decentralized service architecture.

Transformap is interconnected with existing nodes and networks in the field. We co-create this global map with OpenStreetMap community, networks from the degrowth movement, the Solidarity Economy, the Urban Gardeners, the collaborative economy movement, Commoners, Open-Source movementes and many others. Please, join in!”

Our vision: initiatives and individuals that are building a new economic paradigm will be able to visually showcase their activities on a single, readily understood map. These initiatives include projects related to Commons, Solidarity Economy, The Economy for the Common Good, Transition Towns, Makers, Fabbers, DIY + DIT,  Sharing and Collaborative Consumption, P2P nodes  plus many, many more.

The proponents of this global mapping process  invite the public to co-create maps that make existing approaches and  practices visible: for a free, fair and sustainable world.

We will collect and publish small data about the huge diversity of actors and initiatives. All work is done by building upon interoperable standards and free licencing for data exchange, as well as open source software for infrastructure and metadata management.

Preliminary results will be presented and discussed with international partners at the

Further Information:

Contacts: For General Information:  Silke Helfrich (Commons Strategies Group) [email protected]  OR Dagmar Embshoff (Forum Solidarische Ökonomie) <[email protected]>

For The Workshop in Leipzig: Josef Kreitmayer  <[email protected]>

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