The wealth sharing network ‘Resilience’ and the behavioral psychology of sharing

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The incentives behind the wealth sharing network Resilience is the same as the behavioral psychology underlying the wealth sharing platform Give Directly, a voluntary wealth redistribution platform that recently received $25 million from Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and his wife Cari Tuna.

Basically, people want to share and we like to share. We like to help each other out in times of scarcity, and we feel pain when others are faced with poverty. Our brains are hard-wired that way, we humans are a wealth sharing species, and even tough our empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight, we have now extended our vision through technology, and many of us would like to extend the peers with whom we share our wealth.

Resilience is a platform for doing that. It’s a platform for redistribution of wealth – wealth sharing – with known and trustworthy rules. It’s an algorithmic, decentralized, platform for wealth sharing, fully transparent, auditable and immutable with predictable results. Resilience could be used as a platform that automates and decreases the costs of the work of voluntary wealth sharing schemes like GiveDirectly. Resilience could be seen as an evolution of the GiveDirectly platform, a new standardized smart-contract system for wealth sharing, with low barriers of entry, incentive-mechanisms that reward participation, and with a fully developed welfare platform built on top of it that could replace current welfare systems at a global scale.

The Resilience wealth sharing platform launches this fall on the Ethereum world computer.

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