The Wealth of Ideas by Joren De Wachter

The-wealth-of-ideas-Joren-de-WachterWhy we need free trade in ideas, rather than the mercantilist tax on innovation we call “intellectual property rights”.

“Innovation and creativity are essential aspects of human society, at individual level, but also at the level of society. Public policy will aim to promote innovation and creativity, and allow their proceeds to benefit as many as possible. The most efficient way would be to increase the freedom to innovate and be creative. This book looks with a very critical eye at one of the cornerstones of public policy on innovation and creativity: intellectual property rights (“IPRs”), which proclaim to promote innovation and creativity. It provides answers to the three fundamental questions: 1. Is the theory sound and consistent? 2. Does it work in practice? 3. Is it fair?

It looks at the parallels between IPRs and mercantilism, and proposes radical and practical solutions on how to achieve free trade in ideas.These will interest all those who want to achieve higher levels of innovation and creativity; especially artists, inventors and creators.

Written for a large audience, in accessible language, using real-world examples and facts available to all, it purposely avoids using the jargon of IPR-professionals, in order to demystify the debate and empower its readers. This book will allow the public, but also opinion and decision makers to look at innovation policy from a different perspective.”

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