The values of real democracy


From The Campaign for Real Democracy / Project 2012 which has set out the following principles:


Equality – each person is able to speak and be listened to – there is no elite platform

Difference – we learn from each other’s perspectives; we may disagree, but we listen to one another respectfully and our views become refined through the experience

Solidarity – we are together because we believe in the existence of a common agenda. In spite of our differences, we pursue and find consensus over ideas and shared actions

Sharing – we believe in a society in which sharing and co-operation triumph over competition. We freely share food and other gifts at our meetings

Secularity and Spirituality – we respect and are happy to learn from different belief systems

Ecology – we believe in a new, really democratic society with a very low/zero carbon footprint

Self-determination – we struggle for a new kind of freedom based on community, nurturing, true individuality, and vice versa – “It takes a village to bring up a child”


(1) Peoples Assemblies make decisions horizontally

(2) Peoples Assemblies are interested to learn about, try out and embody new democratic practices


(1) Real Democracy – PAs should find ways to campaign for a really ecological, democratic society at local, national and global levels

(2) Decentralisation – to bring this about, sovereignty should be vested at the neighbourhood / community / workplace / study place level

(3) Internationalism – PA communities link up in solidarity and support across the world

(4) Ideals – we are interested to bring about a world based on a Reclaimation of the Commons, Truth, Peace, Sustainability, Justice and Compassion above all things and we are willing to fight non-violently to this end

(5) Peoples Assembly movement – to bring these aims about we are calling for a movement based on the idea of Peoples Assemblies


(1) local, democratic not private or state led provision of public services (the real third way)

(2) really democratic, people powered globalisation, not capitalist or state-led (the real third “world”, or international) as a means in its end, but also a way of forcing the nation states to work together for the good of all

(3) a new appropriate political economy to match

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