The Tverberg Estimate of Future Energy Production

by Eivind Berge, reprinted with permission.

This is Gail Tverberg’s estimate of future energy production. For reasons best explained by Gail herself on her blog, I believe this graph represents the most accurate prediction of our future. Now imagine what it will be like. Imagine the human suffering embedded in this graph! All the debt defaults, bankruptcies, unemployment and poverty. Broken supply lines and entropic decay to our infrastructure which will never be repaired. Famines, pestilence and violence. Fascism, failed states, and bloody insurrections. Imagine billions starving to death or otherwise meeting their premature demise. This is the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represented as an energy graph, and it is our near future. In 2035, the energy production available to humanity will likely be down to 25% of what it is today. If you thought peak oil meant maybe you would be driving an electric car in 2035, think again, because that kind of green delusional future would require more energy consumption rather than less. And we will get less. A LOT less. The 7000 jobs lost in the Norwegian oil industry thus far is only the beginning, as even the mainstream media is catching on to now.

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