The Transition Network’s Guide to Introducing Paid Work

A very interesting paper written by Fiona Ward for the REconomy Project and the Transition Network. It deals with one of the recurring issues that we touch on at the P2P Foundation: We create shared value for the Commons in collaborative ways, but how can continue doing so long term if we can’t sustain ourselves through it?

Transitin bees

“So you have secured some money for one of your Transition projects, or you are planning to do so? This can bring great benefits in helping your group to achieve its aims, and reduce problems of over reliance on your volunteers which can so often lead to burn out. However, it’s important to pay attention to how you intend to use this money to pay people to do work for you – introducing money raises all sorts of sensitive issues, both when creating a paid role, and then when a person is actually in post. This simple guide suggests the most important things to consider – the examples and links are from the UK but hopefully much of this is applicable to other countries.”

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