The Top 50 P2P-Driven Trends to watch out for in 2016

Here is a potpourri of trends catalogued in our buffer for ‘P2P Trend of the Day’. They are all influenced by p2p and commons-driven forces.

The links to the explanations can be found here.

* A


* B

Borrowing Shops

* C

Civic Crowdfunding
Civil Aerial Mapping
Collaborative Credit
Collaborative Blocking?
Connected Exploration
Commons-Based Subjectivity
Community Managed Libraries
Community Supported Art
Community-Supported Economy
Community-Supported Industry
Corporate Localism
Crowdsourced Laws
Cul-De-Sac Commune

* D

Data Collaborative
Data Cooperatives
Dynamic Property
Direct Public Offering
Distributed Problem Solving
DIY Open-Source Aerial Surveillance

* E

Emotional Support Communities
Epistemic Experimental Communities

* F

Food Hubs

* G

Global Co-Living Providers
Green 3D Printing

* H

Hashtag Politics

* K

Knowledge Democracy

* L

Law-Enforcing Insurgency
Learning and Performance Support Systems

* M

Meta-Industrial Workers
Mutual Aid for Accountability
Mutual Recognition

* N

New Mutualism
Not-For-Profit Enterprise

* O

Online Food Activism
Open Consulting
Open Source Project-Launch Blueprinting of One Community
Open Sourcing Festivals

* P

Participatory Mapping
People’s Cooperative Supermarkets?
Platforms for Distributed Energy Resources
Political De-Representation
Precision Agriculture
P2P Ethnography

* R

Red Cybernetics
Reverse Syndication

* S

Social Cafes
Seed Factory
Social Hackers
Social Quality
Social Supermarkets?
Social Unionism
Solidarity Supporter
System Leadership

* W

Water Cooperatives
Worker-Owned Tech Collectives