The strategy of las Indias for the new year (which begins in October)

Three axis: To give those around us a space to contribute and collaborate, to co-produce with more people, and to provide an integral education for a good life.

Yesterday we had an intense morning meeting with Juan. It was time to catch up and discuss the beginning of our plan for the next Indiano year (which begins October second, the thirteenth anniversary of the founding of las Indias). Changes are coming, but above all, we’re enjoying a change of mood. We’re no longer trying to get somewhere in the middle of a storm. The storm has passed. And as the sky clears, we’ve have discovered some things:

  1. The most important one is, many restless and valuable people identify with us and with what we’re trying to do. We have to give them a space to contribute and collaborate, because we want share our bet on community and abundance.
  2. While we’re getting underway with new consultancy projects, which we enjoy a lot, the work that has fulfilled us this last year was what we’ve done together with other businesses and friends, in the logic of the direct economy. Continuing in that line, making products in alliance with others for the general public and launching them in the market, is what we’re most looking forward to in the new year. We’ve spent time laying the foundations to scale that experience and give it greater scope. This year, we have to start to create results.
  3. We are not the only ones to realize that the current growth model is broken, and that the alternative is either degrowth or radical change. What we learned this year is that if we want that radical change, it’s fundamental to promote cultural change, and to do this, we have to bet on promoting a new kind of training that provides “an integral education that leads to the good life.” With universities turning more and more into training centers to reduce costs and inefficiencies for Big Businesses, there’s an obvious need for a place of learning for multispecialists, that provides a profound philosophical and practical base to people who don’t see themselves becoming corporate functionaries, but “making an economic life” and entering the market for themselves or with their community.

pato laqueadoYesterday we started to put down in black and white these three ideas and, most importantly, taking concrete steps towards them. It was no small advance. So, we have to thank our friends for the conversations on la Matriz both on and off the blog, which have been very valuable. While we don’t yet have everything planned down to the last millimeter, thanks to the meeting yesterday, we do have a first draft that will be developed through practice beginning in October. When we finished, we were so happy that we went out to celebrate by having two delicious Peking ducks and talking about a thousand things that came into our heads with Juan, starting with his most recent posts and his upcoming books.

What’s next?

First stop: Somero 2015, the point of departure for a new year, the presentation of ideas, and the first concrete plans to materialize the three main points. You’ll want to be there. Reserve your place now!!