The Sharing Bros 21,000 KM with the Collaborative Economy


The Sharing Bros are making a 21,000 Km journey using only the Collaborative Economy.

Their Mission

To cross the American continent in 6 months using only the Collaborative Economy.


We want to meet the People who have made the choice of living the economy differently and integrated sharing into their daily lives. 15 countries, 15 cultures, countless interviews! A grand-ma from Seattle renting rooms in her home, a carioca designer spending his days in co-working spaces, a Peruvian car-pooler, an Argentinian milk producer hosting and feeding people in exchange of working on the farm… Who are they? What do they have in common? What are their motivations? What are their stories?

How ?

A Web-Series: To share with you our experiences, the good times, the rougher ones… Everything while we’re on the road! We will regularly post videos on our website so that you can take part in the adventure. You’re coming with us!

A Documentary: This is where we get analytical! We will mix all our experiences, interviews, and insights, all that into a final documentary that we will produce and release when we come back.

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