The resurgence of emancipatory muncipalism in Barcelona and beyond

It is always great to receive news that our work at the P2P Foundation has a real effect on the world and social change, so I was particularly happy to receive a message from a journalist in Barcelona that “Your ideas have been really instrumental in creating the participatory democratic online platforms being adopted by the radical candidates in the 24 May local elections.”

She was referring to a documentary about the En Comu coalition in Barcelona, which is the first political coalition to explicitely refer itself to the common good and the commons.

It’s really worth watching to have an impresssion of the new mentalities that are emerging in Spain after 7 years of crisis and an extremist anti-commons government.

You can get the english captions by clicking on CC.

Our friends of Guerilla Translation have introduced the topic and the video here.

It’s a very inspiring conversation between grassroots activists, please do watch it!

Watch the video here:

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