The P2P movement is spreading throughout Greece

Greece. A country in deep crisis. And the promise of the Commons seems to embody the hopes and dreams of a multitude in search of an alternative, sustainable future.

Although our efforts to promote the P2P theory, ideas and practices in Greece have been taking place since 2006, it is only this year that we become witnesses of a real P2P surge: Projects, workshops and seminars explicitly focused on the Commons-based peer production are held in several major Greek cities. Just to mention a few, from Creta and the oncoming Commons festival, to Athens-based hackerspace‘s, DLN‘s, DRASI‘s or FabLab‘s initiatives, Patras-based P-space‘s open projects or, northern, to our own work in the newly founded P2P Lab (Ioannina city).

Michel Bauwens is going to visit Greece twice, in just a month, to deliver speeches in Irakleio (Creta) as well as in Athens. In addition, myself, George Papanikolaou and George Dafermos are priviliged to be invited in several places to talk about P2P while thousands of passionate hobbyists, practicioners and activists make our speeches obsolete: they are constantly creating and recreating the world they want, within the fragmented world they want to transcend.

And for the moment being, the endless list of the community-driven, voluntary, creative projects show us that the solution to such a deep crisis can only be collaborative.



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