The P2P Foundation’s work in a nutshell

Enjoy this very concise three-minute audio description of the P2P Foundation’s work and ideals by our founder, Michel Bauwens. It was originally recorded for the Innovation and Creative Intelligence unit at the University of Technology Sydney.

Beautiful Minds with Michel Bauwens

Clip description

Morsels are small bites gleaned from talks, events and conversations hosted by the UTS Innovation and Creative Intelligence unit which has a penchant for lingering and arriving at the intersections where ideas and innovation collide. On October 13 the ICI unit, along with the UTS Business School, hosted global thought leader on the P2P economy Michel Bauwens and founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives. This first Beautiful Minds talk saw Michel propose alternatives for a commons approach and generative systems … listen in to get a taste.

Featured in Morsel-cast #1
Michel Bauwens – Theorist and Founder, Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives
Monique Potts – Deputy Director, UTS Innovation and Creative Intelligence unit.

Producers: Ellen Leabeater and Carolina Totterman for UTS:ICI

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