The operating system of money is obsolete

Douglas Rushkoff’s keynote from the O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference.

Key thesis: How we’re using an obsolete operating system for money, optimized for a pre-Internet economy.

(an interesting video, with remarks on the situation in the Middle Ages)

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  1. AvatarAlton

    I agree that digital currencies will be the next big wave in people having abundance in exchanging value. But i think it’s a false duality that proprietary stuff are original and open source stuff are just copies of them. Even proprietary innovations have pre-existing ideas/copied elements in them. And there have been some creativity in open source projects like cheaper 3D printers, WordPress, and Plug-ins for firefox. But once digital currencies takes off more, this should help boost creativity and progress in a lot of open source projects and collaborations.

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