The Open Rights Group needs your support

We got the following message from Michael Holloway, of the Open Rights Group, kind of a UK version of the better known US-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, and doing excellent work on preserving “digital rights”.

The organization exists two years already and here‘s a report of its activities so far.

Michael Holloway:

“Open Rights Group is now two years old! We’re celebrating our birthday by publishing a review of our activities to date and our ambitious future plans. Since establishing our sustainable and scaleable social enterprise, we have run 2 major campaigns (on copyright term extension and electronic elections) and become a trusted media commentator on a range of digital rights issues.

We hope that trumpeting our achievements will drive more people to contribute financially to org’s future. If you are excited by our
work, it would be wonderful if you could link to this document and tell the Commoners and your other communities about our activities, urging them to support ORG. Here’s a link to the blog post and document:

And now really is the perfect time to give, because the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust will match every £10 we bring in from individual donees (up to the value of £10k) – so give now, and they’ll double your money!”

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