The ‘New Republics’ documentary: Will holomidal collective intelligence replace the pyramidal one ?

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Jean-Francois Noubel explains that:

“We name holomidal collective intelligence the new form of collective intelligence that emerges thanks to the Internet. Local and global, decentralized and distributed, agile, polymorphic, based on leadership, individuation, open source, integral wealth and mutualist economy, this young form of collective intelligence still lives through its infancy phase. However we can already see its huge impact on humanity where more and more people in civil society self-organize in order to address societal issues that pyramidal collective intelligence cannot address and even provokes.

Socialware and communityware serve as the keystone on which collectives can rely on, in order to self-organize and scale up, locally and remotely.

Holomidal collective intelligence will soon build advanced forms of Holopticism and augmented holopticism.”

He also explains:

“Our species evolves. We explore the reason why holomidal collective intelligence will soon become the prevailing form of collective intelligence on the planet.

We explain how holomidal collective intelligence has begun to build its own economy and technological infrastructure. We explore the R&D state of the art in the evolution of wealth technologies paving the way to a post-monetary society.

We explain how and why holomidal collective intelligence triggers a new way to understand and address reality. It thinks differently, it describes reality differently, it innovates differently. We see the same magnitude of a leap than what pyramidal intelligence did in the past when it appeared.

Thinking evolves from linear reductionist to non-linear understanding of reality (complexity and chaos theories)
Holistic, local and global, inter-related ways to apply science and technology prevail

We forecast the most groundbreaking paradigm shifts that will scale up in the next few years and why holomidal CI only can embrace them.

We develop the sociological concepts of the I in the We, and the We in the I as self-mirroring and co-evolving processes.

The movie demonstrates and concludes that none of us ever has had as much capacity to evolve and transform the world. The power to innovate, the power to evolve the I and the We, the power to invent tomorrow’s world.”

Watch the documentary trailer here:

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