The MuA Project | Monuments at risk: Press Release

I cite the informative press release received by the manager of the very interesting and novel project, MuA, archaeologist, Stelios Lekakis:

The MuA Project | Monuments at risk

A project for the documentation & evaluation of the architectural heritage at risk

The MuA project is a participatory project of collective data processing, concerning the documentation of monuments at risk and their evaluation with criteria relative to  risks that they encounter.

In a nutshell: The architectural heritage of Greece, spanning from antiquity to the modern period is in danger due to human and natural threats that undermine its historical, social, emotional, aesthetic, tangible and intangible values.

The vast number of monuments along with the problematic planning and funding, the limited staff of the state services in charge, the incomplete documentation of the monuments, the miniscule level of awareness and other threats, exacerbate the risks involving destructions or unsustainable preservation in relation to the monument in question, the surrounding community and the wider society.

The MuA Project aspires, among others, to: a. document in detail monuments at risk throughout Greece and form an expanded data base, b. raise awareness, c. inform decisions on strategic and economic management and d. promote creative ways of protection. The ‘openness’ of the Project, compared to others, in technological and theoretical levels, forges its dynamic and adaptable character.

The  webpage is an interactive, communication hub through which visitors could be informed about monuments and cultural landscapes at risk in Greece, but also participate in the scheme by submitting a monument at risk or relevant information. These data would be cross-checked and uploaded on the webpage. In addition, it could be used as a research tool for researchers, a summarising tool for national and local state bodies and municipalities, a tool for co-operation, communication, intervention for the NGOs and the media, and, finally, as a tool for effective funding by cultural institutions and donors.

The Project is supported by a network of partners and it is run by the NGO: Elliniki Etairia, Society for the preservation of the Environment and cultural heritage, through the Council for Architectural Heritage.

The 1st stage of the Project (June 2010-June 2011) was funded by The ‘A.G. Leventis Foundation’ & the ‘Stavros Niarchos Foundation’.

For more information visit and register at

We are seeking partners that share our vision: If you would like to volunteer please contact info AT

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