The ‘Hammond’ study: P2P Filesharing Improves Music Sales

* Report: Profit Leak? Pre-Release File Sharing and the Music Industry. Roger G. Hammond, 2012

The Toronto Sun summarizes the conclusions of this study:

‘On the music side, an American economist found that having albums leak to file-sharing websites before the official release date can actually improve sales of the official copy.

While Robert Hammond notes that “this increase in sales is small relative to other factors that have been found to affect album sales,” his research found that leaks of an album essentially worked as free advertising for the official release.

The study compared the lift in sales from pirating with the same experience after performing on the Grammy Awards: awareness promotes consumption.

For the same reason, larger and more established artists benefit the most from advanced leaks of their work, gaining an average of 5,000 additional sales.”

Read the full document here:

Hammond File Sharing Leak

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