The Gupta State Failure Management Archive – a public resource for hard times

Vinay Gupta just released 4.3gb of files on State Failure and contingency management into the public domain at You can browse, watch and download individual files there.

You can also download the entire set as a TAR file from or try bit Bittorrent version here. At 4.3gb it’s ideal for burning on DVD. Just download the file, decompress (unzip etc. will do it), burn them on to a DVD and pass them out. Such a DVD would be a good starting point for people who want to get oriented to this kind of hard line resilience thinking. Most of the files are videos, and I’ve hotlinked the most important ones below and marked them with a.

The files are all Public Domain, with one exception as noted below. Please distribute the widely, pass them around, and make the tools available to local community organizers who are trying to make a difference in these challenging times.

The entire package is many hours of video, containing a plethora of deep models for understanding systems and social resilience, and would probably take a couple of weeks to really get through if you were working on it every day. I will be preparing some simpler starting point materials in due course. The “Dealing in Security” document, however, is precise, general, readable, informative, comprehensive and short. You can safely start there.


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