The grassroots economy of 2018 in 3:15 minutes

What our economy could look like over the next decade, a change from economies of scale to economies of groups. It values collaboration more than negotiation, and bottom-up rather than top-down processes.

This ‘p2p agitprop’ video brings it all together, in a rather uncritical fashion, but nevertheless worth seeing for its total vision:

2 Comments The grassroots economy of 2018 in 3:15 minutes

  1. AvatarMark Whiting

    Hey Michel,

    I am involved in a project hoping to define some aspects of the relationship between designers and consumers in the future. Many people are saying things like this video does and it all sounds rather exciting to us. However, I was just wondering if you know of any resources or authors who are thinking about even more unexpected futures.

    Thanks for posting the interesting video.

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