The Gooseberry Project: Blender Institute first crowd-funded, feature-length open movie

Last month at South by Southwest, the Blender Institute launched its new open movie project codenamed «Gooseberry». Unlike the previous projects, this one will be a feature length movie, produced during 18 months by 12 studios from all over the world, using an online collaboration platform named Blender Cloud. A team of 15 developers will also join the artists to develop new features and other technology needed in their workflow.

The Blender Cloud service will offer to its subscribers the access to all data from the previous films and training videos but also to follow the progress and get involved in the Gooseberry project.

Crowdfunding target is 0.5M Euro and can be done with either a subscription to the Blender Cloud or a traditional pledge. This is only a part of the final budget, the Blender Institute having already 1M Euro in subsidies and sponsoring and looking for an extra 2-4M Euro.

As usual, all movie production assets will be released under open source and Creative Commons licenses.

Watch the teaser:

More informations:

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