The Google Innovation Culture

Slashdot reports on a blog entry by a Google developer, which makes the following description of innovation practices there:

Developers can switch teams and/or projects any time they want, no questions asked; just say the word and the movers will show up the next day to put you in your new office with your new team.


There aren’t very many meetings. I’d say an average developer attends perhaps 3 meetings a week.


Google has a philosophy of not ever telling developers what to work on, and they take it pretty seriously.


Google tends not to pre-announce. They really do understand that you can’t rush good cooking, you can’t rush babies out, and you can’t rush software development.”

Fortune magazine has an in-depth report on the challenges involved in such a ‘culture of chaos’, see here. See also our Delicous tag on P2P Work Culture for similar articles.

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