The emergence of sophisticated p2p-based solidarity economic networks

I have identified three ambitious projects that are under construction but at the same time based on already existing projects and infrastructures.

They are:

1) the FairCoop (incl. the faircoin alt.currency) network build under the leadership of the Catalan Integral Cooperative

2) the Mutual Aid Network in Madison, Wisconsin, which aims to scale beyond that territory

3) the network in Lille, France, which, while a mapping project, maps already existing ‘commons value streams’

They all stress in one way or another, not just the cooperative and market side, but also the common good and the commons as part of their design. They are under construction, and don’t fully exist as the desired meta-networks, but already exist in some functioning parts. They are importantly, attempts to scale and integrate previously fragmented initiatives.

Here’s the proposed eco-system in Madison:

the Mutual Aid Network in Madison, Wisconsin

Do you know of any others ? And, how should we call them ?

Here is a presentation of the MAN project in Madison, Wisconsin by Chris Petit:

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