The Emergence of Diavlogging

For those of us without wetware portals jacked into cyberspace, a definition may be in order: Diavlog = dia + v + ((we)b)log, where dia = between, v = video, and blog = what this forum you are currently reading is called, and which all of us know and love already, right?

When the written word is no longer enough, when one’s band becomes broad enough, and when 2 or more gregarious individuals decide to show their faces to the world (for whatever reasons), and share their thoughts on camera, the conditions are ripe for the “natural” development and emergence of Diavlogging.

Enter the Talking Heads on, mixing it up with with witty banter and thoughtful chatter on everything from the war on terror to Mel Gibson and Zsa Zsa Gabor; from Hurricane Katrina to liberal cowards; and from Walmart to America’s polygamy problem. All in all, engaging, insightful, and self-consciously trendy stuff from a cast of well-informed and au courrant characters. These are just the kind of guys we need to do our surfing and manage our dataflow for us in this hypermedia age.

Even better, the vlog itself is brilliantly formatted with recent diavlogs listed on the left, a great collection of links mentioned in the diavlog on the right, and best of all, topics of the current diavlog broken out below the player (above) so you can pick and choose the bits that most interest you. After all, who listens to, or reads, the whole of anything anymore? Which is one reason they have Windows Media Player speed set to 110% by default, according to honcho Robert Wright. Media gurus as thoughtful as this are well worth at least one visit, in this subject’s humble opinion. Stay tuned – we haven’t heard the last of these Blogging Heads I’m willing to bet.

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