The education of the French citizens movement at the Bastille, May 29th

Video report on the forceful evacuation of peaceful gathering at the Bastille:

Commentary by Philippe Aigrain:

“Evening stroll yesterday to Place de la Bastille. A Promenade du soir hier à la Bastille. A line of security police blocks the access to the part of the square in front of the Opera. Selective filter: they leave in, but the african-american tourist behind me is asked where he goes. “There”, says he, vaguely pointing to the bars of rue de la Roquette. He gets a permit. In the center of the empty part of the square, 4 young Spanish girls are sitting. They exchange phone numbers of lawyers, possibly for friends that were previously arrested or removed by the police. This empty space, protected because of its symbolic nature, is the space of an invisible power, whose effects are felt everywhere. This power must be very fragile, for needing such a protection while nothing serious threatens it yet. #frenchrevolution (, twitter) and #democratiereelle (, twitter) did not yet construct an autonomous discourse and a project. Wait. Or rather, let’s not wait. How can we build some further recognition of complexity in this yet virtual movement, without harming the simplicity that gives it momentum. Let’s not wait too much from it, just what will be given to us.”

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