The Deliveroo drivers Strike

What does the Deliveroo drivers’ strike mean for the future of the sharing economy – and the future of work?

A Podcast conversation on last August’s Deliveroo strike, from the New Economics Foundation’s always excellent Weekly Economics Podcast.

Last week, Deliveroo drivers in London went on strike for six days in opposition to new contracts which would switch their regular hourly pay, for a rate based on the amount of deliveries they complete.

Deliveroo is one of the fastest growing “gig economy” companies, offering flexible, shift based work. But what does this new model of employment mean for the future of work? And what does the drivers’ strike mean for the future of the sharing economy?

This week NEF’s Alice Martin joins guest presenter Ellie Mae O’Hagan to discuss the strike.

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Produced by James Shield. Programme editor for NEF: Huw Jordan. Music this week is by Crayon Mortel, Podington Bear and The Crypts.

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