The Death of Why

Ulises Mejias recommends this book by Andrea Batista Schlesinger.

Here’s the blurb:

“We exercise our power as citizens by asking questions. Inquiry is less valued today, however, as our society demands quick and dirty answers. We see this play out all around us: in the increased ideological segregation that divides us, the outsize role of Google, a news industry that opines rather than investigate, and the decline in value of civics education where young people are taught to question their democracy. In The Death of “Why?” Andrea Batista Schlesinger, a prominent progressive voice, offers a passionate defense of the role of questioning in fulfilling the promise of democracy. And she profiles those individuals and institutions renewing the practice of inquiry–particularly in America’s youth–at a time when our society demands such activity from us all.”

The conversation between the author and Ulises is posted here.

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