The Crisis of Value: P2P Essay of the Year

I read a fair amount of essays during the year, and none struck me as important as Adam Arvidsson’s analysis of the emerging crisis of value in our society and economy. More and more social value is created, but less and less of it is being monetized. It creates a situation whereby our current model does not have a return flow for the positive externalities created by civil society, creating a crisis of precarity, but eventually in the long run also maybe a crisis of accumulation for capital.

Read Adam’s essay, The Crisis of Value and the Ethical Economy, of which we have published 3 excerpts last week, here at our wiki.

My own response is also online here under the title of the Dornbin Manifesto.

This title has been chosen in honour of, perhaps the first free software cooperative, and which convinced Telecom Austria to open up two Net Culture Labs in Austria, so that social innovators and creatives have a least a decent place to work.

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