The collective intelligence of precognizant dreaming

John L. Petersen reports on an intruiging experiment, The Map.

We’ll know by October 7, the predicted date for one unusual event, if one of the precognition tools is working, see below.

He explains:

About three weeks ago, now, I received indications from four unrelated sources known personally to me suggesting that that some significant disruptive event was on our horizon. These sources were unconventional – that is, they are intuitives or channels and sense the future through approaches and methods that are largely not understood by mainstream science.

They approached me because they understood that at The Arlington Institute we are interested in anticipating futures in both conventional (we’ve designed and built very sophisticated surprise anticipation systems for governments), and unconventional means. Our interest in unconventional approaches is based upon the fact that conventional approaches, at best are not great at anticipating futures (if they were, there would be a lot less uncertainty in the world today), and conversely, that some unconventional approaches have been amazingly prescient.

One approach that has captured our attention is precognizant dreaming. We know that this works because we have spent lengthy amount of time with adept “precogs” and know of their long series of successes anticipating unhappy futures for certain foreign government agencies. We also know from psychologists studying the phenomena that there are now more than 200 case studies of average individuals who had anomalous, clearly premonitory dreams about aspects the 9/11 event starting more than six months before that unprecedented disruption. Similar anecdotes are also told about significant numbers of extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime dreams that wake individuals up in a cold sweat of apparent reality foretelling aspects of what turned out to be the tsunami that killed thousands of individuals in Asia.

Our presumption has been that in some way, the “collective unconscious”, to use a Jungian term, apparently senses impending significant perturbations and presents visual indications of aspects of the upcoming events to certain individuals before the fact. How that works is anyone’s guess, but there are enough examples of this warning process to know that it does.

At The Arlington Institute we believe that by using the Web and advanced technology that is available to us, such intuitions and dreams can be collected, aggregated and analyzed such that for large disruptions (at least), for the first time in history we have the potential to be (somewhat) predictive. We are exploring funding sources for such a capability at the present.

In light of this interest in precognitive indications of significant impending events it occurred to me that a quick experiment could be undertaken in light of the supposed coming disruption to see if unusual dreams were starting to pop up in the general public that might shed some light on what might be on the horizon. I published a TAI Alert to our mailing list soliciting input of this type and we ultimately had to establish a dedicated webpage (www. to collect the substantial number of responses that we were receiving. In about two-and-a-half weeks we have had almost 300 responses from individuals from around the world.”

Read the whole “Dream Report” here.

In the report, John also mentions another similar project, that is not based on dreams but on behavioural clues.

He writes:

I was also made familiar with a Web-spidering capability headquartered in Olympia, Washington, that was based roughly on the same principles of our dream collection initiative but uses large-scale collection of general behavior indications from individuals on the Web to uncover subliminal indications of upcoming events of significance. These folks have apparently been quite accurate in predicting 9/11 the Tsunami and a number of other significantly disruptive events. One summary I received of there alert is this:”

* The Web Bots see September 22-27, 2008 as precursor dates to the main turning point date of October 7, 2008. Closely watch events during September 22-27, 2008 for hints as to what to expect on October 7, 2008.

* Cliff said whenever “it” happens, and whatever “it” turns out to be, “it” will be a date in history you remember like 9/11, we will remember 10/7.

*The Web Bots foresee that October 7, 2008 to February 19, 2009 will be filled with emotional intensity, and the length of the release period will be extraordinary. The Web Bots have never picked up any event lasting this long. In comparison, 9/11 length lasted about 10 days. This event will be four months of high emotion.

The Web Bots foresee consumer society collapsing by mid November 2008.”

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  1. AvatarSomebody

    “These folks have apparently been quite accurate in predicting 9/11 the Tsunami and a number of other significantly disruptive events.”

    Would you mind posting a shred of evidence?

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