The civic crowdfunding city conference

Growfunding is celebrating its 5th anniversary! Time for a party – and a debate! Together with seven foreign civic crowdfunding-platforms, academics, city makers and you, we will be holding a debate on “the civic crowdfunding city”, or in other words: about the city we will be creating together via growfunding.

Get your ticket for the conference!

Time flies: it seems that while we weren’t looking Growfunding has already turned five! In the past five years, we have joined hands with thousands of people to build up Brussels from the bottom up. That means it’s high time for a celebration, but also to see if we’re doing things right. On Friday the 19th January we’re organising an international conference

Together with Brussels residents, city makers, academics, policy makers and six ‘partners in crime’ (La Ruche from Montreal, Patronicity from Detroit, Spacehive from London, Co-city from Paris, Goteo from Spain, Ideaginger from Bologna and Voor Je buurt from the Netherlands), we will be sharing our knowledge and experiences an all-day debate on ‘The Civic Crowdfunding City’.

What kind of city do we want to live in? And what role can civic crowdfunding play in building this city?

What kind of a city and society can we create through civic crowdfunding? And just how democratic will this be?

We’ll compare good practices from 8 world cities within four different themes:
>          The inclusive city: how can civic crowdfunding be used to include people that are otherwise excluded from urban life?

>          The pup-up city: which kind of urban spaces are created through civic crowdfunding and what are the characteristics?

>          The Arrival city: which social and cultural infrastructure is created for refugees, migrants and newcomers through civic crowdfunding?
>          The circular city: How can civic crowdfunding contribute to the creation of a circular economy?

Click here for the entire programme e-and the names of the speakers.


Tickets for the conference on Friday 19/01 will be available through this growfunding-campaign. Contact [email protected] if you need an invoice.

It’s entirely up to you how much you (or your employer) want to pay to participate in the full-day ‘The Civic Crowdfunding City’ conference. The higher your contribution, the more tickets we will be able to make available free of charge to people unable to afford them. These tickets will be distributed through our partner organisations, such as Globe Aroma, Cinemaximiliaan, Article 27, samusocial and klein kasteeltje.

There is no admission fee for students, contact [email protected] to reserve you place.

Everyone who has provided support for this event will be sent our digital publication on the Civic Crowdfunding City (estimated publication date: May 2018).

Oh, and by the way, we’re also looking for around twenty volunteers to help us ensure that the event runs smoothly. If you’re interested in participating, don’t hesitate to register as a volunteer via our brand-new Volunteer button;-)


You can find all info and the programme on Prepare for a fantastic line-up of Brussels artists: an ‘empty shop’, a fashion show by Tony Bland, a dance performance by The Slayers, concerts by Nawaris, Arumbo and Fanfakids, great beats from the 54Sound, and more. You can find a detailed programme: friday and saturday. Tickets for the concerts and performances can be purchased through the Beursschouwburg theatre. All income generated by this event will go to current growfunding projects.

(This text was translated by Ubiqus Belgium, Growfunding’s language service provider)

Photo by Medialab Prado

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